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About HELEN project

The main activity of the HELEN project is the support of cryptocurrency mixing systems in the TOR network. At the moment, for various reasons, BITCOIN-MIX projects is gaining popularity. Their task is quite simple. If it is necessary to hide a large transaction, the client transfers a certain amount of cryptocurrency to the service account and indicates the final receiving address.
The system automatically starts sending funds to the final address of the recipient in small transactions from exchanges and other services until the agreed amount is received in full. Fees for mixing services are high, while the maximum transaction time for any amount reaches only 24 hours.

Get Started!

The assets of the HELEN project in btc, are concentrated proactively on all cryptocurrency exchanges. A dollar investment is used to support the project including an advertising company.

By investing in our platform, you become part of a dynamically developing structure that will bring financial success to each partner.

- Everyone understands the question of financial pyramids, like the question of pyramids !!! So why is the collapse of these systems attributed to their pyramidality ???

-Any system has a dawn and a decline, but history forever buried the answer to this question. At the heart of this is mathematics in its pure manifestation. In my opinion, even the probability that Newton’s third law may be applicable in this area is quite high, since it speaks of a closed system with two material points. I can say the same about the Fibonacci sequence. There are a lot of such mathematical and physical examples. And you can apply this in infinite variety. I think that not all projects fall under the wording of the pyramid.

- Tell me, is pyramid all the same a ready-made version of the system? Or is it one of the steps of a more complex structure?

-Any structure, including financial one, can be promoted not as a pyramid, but as a system similar to Yula. Properly prepared and calculated action plan will give the promotion of the pyramidal structure to complex and more dimensional structures.

-What, in your opinion, will ensure the long work of your project?

-When the system and marketing work for their investor, then small players will start their independent game immediately. There will be many such players. Further, large players can promote this very Yule with one Highly profitable or VIP safe, which will lead to an increase in the reserve volume of the project. She will just spin up. Large players will be interested in giving Yulu expensive safes, because it is very beneficial for everyone. Such examples include corporations in which, with a powerful infusion of large investments at the stage of bankruptcy proceedings, signs of financial recovery appear. But nowadays, in order to grab your piece faster, they resort to destruction. The trend remained and eventually took the form of an axiom in this area. In this regard, the development of the project takes into account the risk of collapse at the stage of growth dynamics. It is for this reason that the collapse of any system is explained by its pyramidal nature. But if the Big players have an interest in spinning Yulu, absolutely any structure will exist indefinitely.

- What distinguishes your project from the mass of others?

-If you do not take into account not experienced teenagers who think they are able to create something worthwhile, killing this industry. Or those who are trying again to snatch their piece and quickly, creating marketing with unrealistic interest rates, then almost all the creators of such structures are sure that by setting limits on the investment freezing period, you can predict the project's life span over the long term. We fundamentally disagree. Our strategy does not provide restrictions on the timing of deposits, we do not limit investors in time and do not charge fees for closing safes, since we have a decent reserve without which it is impossible to enter this market. Any restrictions in such projects, this is one way or another attempt to limit the investor as much as possible. The investor must decide when to enter or exit the structure. In addition to this, there is no scatter in the cost of safes from and to, this makes it possible to draw a clear line in understanding the forecast of the volume of investment flow. It also makes it possible to calculate the necessary amount of infusion for the favorable operation of the system. Participants who understand the essence of today's investment industry will appreciate our work towards the approach to creating this platform.

-Tell us about the marketing structure of the Helen project in a nutshell?

-Our safes "Standard" and "Profitable", to increase the throughput volume of small investments. And the safes “Highly Profitable” and “VIP” are intended for large investors who want to immediately tweak a powerful Yula, and not a pyramid. That is why the “Profitable”, “High-yield” and “VIP” safes set limits on the number of safes not for the investor, but for the whole project. The following major players will only be able to enter if the previous ones have left the game.

-And what if a major player did not enter on time?

- At the start and in the process of project development, including crisis situations, the platform administration acts as a major player. It should always be so in any field. After all, this is a matter in which not only material components are invested, but also labor, intellect, diligence and soul. This is your brainchild, business if you want. Only such an approach will produce a result.

-What are the risks of your system crashing?

-I will not say that I was not preparing for this and I will not turn our conversation into a long monologue, although I can talk a lot about this. I am not the first to say the hackneyed phrase as "There is always risk." But few people understand that this phrase describes not only the risks of financial institutions, but simply life in general. We are not immune from anything principle. No matter where we live, our nationality or gender. The question, I think, in this activity should not be posed much differently. Does a person need to take certain risks consciously? This is where what we call risk assessment is already appearing. Many understand this literally, either from illiteracy, or for other reasons. The risk of collapse of our project, like many others, depends on many components, including the integrity of the administration in the first place. But people are not clairvoyant and cannot know what intentions the management of such projects has, precisely for this reason there exists a “RISK ASSESSMENT”. But in fact, a huge number of factors. The answer is simple - Only Faith. Belief in oneself, in the future and in success is capable of transforming any system to unprecedented heights.

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